Saturday, June 23, 2012



Hi semua...apa khabar?sihat?erm..rasanya dah lama kot hanim tak hupdate blog neh haaa...
Bukannye hanim tak mau update tapi itu lah..kan..tak terupdate jugak blog neh...Actually..hanim agak sibuk sekarang neh..WHY??because hanim sekarang tengah join program ASET..apa tu...err...ASET means Accelerate Skills Enhancement Training...a lot of benefit you all..tak rugi hanim luang kan masa join training neh...sekarang dah masuk ada lagi 3week...cant wait to end this program...then i will find my job..Further  Study....nanti2 kot..tapi yang penting nak kena cari keje dulu...

Actually this program give me a confident to talk in english in public...then a lot of presentation in the class make me feel more confident to handle presentation or to start to speak...heee..bajet je engkau yer speaking2 bagai....hoho..but the truth a day when you have ability to speak in english well..the percentage of company to hire you is gain you least try la to speak in english..even now pon a lot of interview was in english not you start to speak now..HOW??here some tips for you guys:

1)Wacthing english movie
2)Sing song
3)Read english newspaper
4)Talk with your friend or your family in english

So thats what i do when i want to improve my why not you also try it...ia berbaloi meh..tak rugi pon..:)
Green ya!!heeee...see next posting okies..take care..Assalamualaikum..:)