Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sumpah Aku CUAK!!

Assalamualaikum semua..hey..guess what...bangun je pagi2 terus pikir...oh ner laaa anim nak hadapi test SPEAKING MUET neh haaa..dah la kene awal2 pagi..buat kiranya anim xbangun plak kan pg tu..memang sedap la yer..huuuu..adoi....

Actually anim punye speaking test neh ari SELASA 21/2/2012/..time??7.30am okies..thats make me worry a lot!!memandang kan sekarang neh tengah cuti mid anim kena gerak pegi poly pepagi buta larh...hey..sumpah saya CUAK!!what mean by CUAK?ok2..cuak tu TAKOT lorh..hee..

Memandang kan anim tak amek kelas muet so gini la jadi nyer..gelabah tahap cipan..cipan pown xgelabah cam neh tawu? here..anim nak share sikit ilmu sal SPEAKING TEST for u guys yang nak mek speaking test neh GOOD LUCK lets check it out..:)

Speaking test
If you can speak English naturally, please do all you can to convince the examiners that you have a good command of English during you individual presentation. Otherwise, use short sentences, put forward your main ideas in simple grammatically correct sentences. Do not just harp on a single point, try a few points, the positive side and negative side of an issue, etc. to show that you are not a narrow-minded student.

In the group discussion, you would be able to get a good score if you could lead the discussion. Be warned though, do not overdo it. Give others the opportunities to speak too. You should be polite, try to keep the flow of the discussion and help out should any of the fellow students got stuck in mid-sentence or is stammering. Remember, lead the discussion, keep its flow ("What do you think about this issue?") but do not be extravagant! Like it or not, this test is subjective and you will most probably not get a perfect score here. diatas neh anim godek2 kt PAKCIK GOOGLE hope ley la bantu kiter sikit sebanyak...sape2 ada pendapat ke link..kasi lor...last but not least..anim nak wish to all sape yang amek muet this time n adew test..GOOD LUCK u guys...hope it will be better than what im xpect!!hmmm...